When searching for homes, it’s importance to have the expertise of a local Realtor who knows and understands the local market. Tammy Huff is eager to assist you with your real estate needs. We are Zillow Consultants, but we’re able to update our webpage more often than Zillow, because we only sell local listings. Zillow is international and just can’t keep up with all the updates. If you want fast updates for local listings, keep searching on www.TammyHuffRealEstate.com. If you’d like to save time searching online, contact Tammy Huff, and she’ll create a customized search for you!

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TAMMY HUFF is a well-known Realtor in the Elizabethtown, Fort Knox, and Louisville area. Every client is important to her, and every client receives professional assistance throughout their real estate transaction. Tammy was once part of a military family and sympathizes with the stress of relocation. She will assist you through every step to make the process easier for you! Tammy Huff is a highly-rated Realtor.com, Zillow.com, & Trulia.com consultant. She successfully assists many Buyers in purchasing homes from all of these national websites, in addition to her own local website: TammyHuffRealEstate.com. Although a national webpage like Zillow is a great place to start, Tammy recommends searching on her local website if you are buying in Central Kentucky. Because Tammy's webpage is local listings only, she is able to update it multiple times a day, whereas the national websites can take up to 5 days to update! In our competitive market, her webpage is the perfect tool, to give you a competitive edge over other buyers. After all, do you want to be updated everyday, or 5 days after the fact? If you are buying in or around Hardin County, TammyHuffRealEstate.com is where you should be searching! Currently, there are almost 1,000 homes for sale on TammyHuffRealEstate.com!

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